Welcome to the High Coast International Hub

Internationalisation is more than a word: it’s a way of life where people from different countries—people like you—come to a place and are given the opportunity to contribute and develop by bringing their ideas, backgrounds, skills and talents.

All people—regardless if you are an International Worker on assignment; a New Immigrant building their life in Norrland; a Tourist or a Young Person from abroad who wants to study or work in Sweden; a foreign Pensioner that has moved here... and even International Swedes —have the opportunity to help build a strong, vibrant and diverse community.

If you’re international—from abroad or even Swedish—you’re one of us and it’s why we’ve built this hub: to make our experiences richer, build community and make the High Coast region grow culturally and economically for everyone.

High Coast International Hub

Our Projects

A hub connects spokes right? So while the High Coast International Hub is at the centre of the action, we have a number of projects that drive the idea of internationalism forward. 

The High Coast

International Club

We have a simple idea: to connect different kinds of internationals to meet each other, to meet new Swedish friends and to access and celebrate what’s best in the High Coast.

Join our social media and keep connected to upcoming events, experiences and new friendships.

The High Coast International Works

We at the hub think that the most consequential way to create integration, unlock international talent and increase prosperity for the whole community is possible through employment opportunities.

As such, one of our key projects that we’ll initiate this year is a private sector cooperation that will facilitate internships, trainings and jobs for new immigrants as well as unemployed international workers.

The High Coast

International Day 2023

This September, Örnsköldsvik will host for the second time one of the largest international days the city had ever seen, with dozens of ethnic groups, organisations, international companies and more, celebrating with entertainment, food and more.

Find out more here and be a part of the action.

High Coast Hub

What if there were a one stop shop where any international could get their questions answered and shown the way to the services they need by a personalised guide? A place—physically and online—where they start their journey with the High Coast?

Welcome to an innovative  Smart City way to deliver content.

Surveys 2021

Making a change means making your voice heard. Choose one of six categories that describes who you are and take the survey. These results will help guide our projects and lobby for improvements.