Locally Born, Internationally Proud

Why internationalisation? 

Successful communities understand that economic and cultural growth are heavily dependent on an international and global engagement. Studies on small to medium population European towns and cities cite that internationalisation—both economic ties to international trading partners, a diversified population and digitalization—is a key contributor to growth and job creation as well as successful multiculturalism. Örnsköldsvik and other High Coast tier 3 towns are excellently positioned to be a growth town in this category.

That is, however, not a one size fits all descriptor. It has various stakeholders with agendas and needs that demand to be incorporated into overall objectives that are mutually beneficial for all participants.

Working with various organisations—Industrigrupp, Tillväxtavdelingen, Örnsköldsvik Kommun, private sector companies and many more—the High Coast International Hub (incubated under Jobba&Lev) takes a holistic approach and a focussed, year long programme to help attain internationalisation goals.

Identifying who we're talking about 

We realised the first order of business was to realise that there wasn't just one international identity that was driving that process, but many. And they all had different strengths, needs and even agencies and organisations helping them. Those organizations operate at various velocities and commitments, without coordination or shared vision. By matching the international communities’ strengths and needs and mapping who currently is investing in addressing those needs, we can coordinate and address rational, city wide goals, identify where needs are not being met and address them on a community and private sector level rather than a bureaucratic one alone. This strategy will produce better outcomes as defined by data and key performance indicators and a data driven use of surveys and interviews.

International Workers

International Entrepreneurs (classic, remote, gig)

New Immigrants

International Youth

International Tourists

International Pensioners

International Swedes

Last but not least, objectives

The last order of business was the most impacting. We realised that internationalism—bringing all those different types of foreigners together, having them integrate with Swedish society and bring their talents and contributions—was going to solve the objectives and problems that the High Coast has to solve to grow. How will we add 5,000 new citizens by 2030, create the thousands of jobs necessary to provide the taxes to support the services citizens need? How will we reach the tourism numbers that a post-manufacturing economy needs to shift to if we're to provide opportunities and jobs? The simple answer is without internationals, we won't succeed which is why our mission statement—together we achieve what alone we cannot—is as sincere as it is true. 

5,000 new residents by 2030

Örnskoldsvik Kommun

2,500 new jobs by 2030

Örnskoldsvik Industrigrupp

18% annual tourism growth

Höga Kusten Turism