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The Hub

A hub. The centre of a wheel, spokes of ideas connecting to it—digital and otherwise. Cities need centrepoints—especially in the downtown centres—of activities, of inspiration, digititization, dialogue and engagement. A smart city solution to build smart citizenry.

The Hub is a space just for that. Using innovative, pop-up architecture via the ARKNAT programme, it has a mission to be a place that serves as a node of multi-stakeholder itent. For instance, Musikmakarna and other cultural stakeholders can use it as a performance space. For the High Coast International Hub, it serves as an information store to help citizens get the most out of High Coast life. 

What’s more, the Hub will be powered by a digital app platform for user generated services and experiences. Experience creators in the High Coast can offer their services (a custom song for your anniversary, rural cheese tasting tours, a virtual cook along party etc) and the Hub will offer a platform to market them and connect them to an audience. Think Blocket but for experiences, the start of an experience economy.


Physical location with booth and 1-2 persons on site to serve as information guides, experts on creating a smart citizen journey to digital resources. 


Connected tablets and app platforms to access online info and curate smart city customer information needs.


What would a hub be without something lively happening? That's why we're teaming up with Musikmakarna, Sliperiet and others to have live performances and happenings. 


Curated experiences to local offerings and services—cultural, business etc.—to help internationals and Swedes looking for new things to do.


Customer centric approach creates a positive first impression to the High Coast experience.


Phase I location: Arken, Phase II: upgrade pop-up location main square, phase III in the new glass structure.