The High Coast International Club Activity Calendar 2022-2023


We hear it over and over again from internationals living in the High Coast: How do I meet new friends, how can I discover the great places and things to do in the area? We have the answer: a new club that creates connection and community by having monthly meet ups and conversations, an opportunity to share and meet new contacts. Using social play and working with local associations, we’ll help our members find the best of the High Coast.


Want to try out something new and fun? Sign up for an adventure and take a Skuleberget's via Ferrata tour with us!

Signups limited to 20! Register here for free:

Meet us on the 17th at 11:00 at Via Ferrata's office near Skuleberget!

Please note that the minimum weight limit is 40kg, and minors must be accompanied by a guardian.

When: Saturday, June 17, meet at 11

Where: via Ferrata, Skuleberget

Donation: Free

Corporate members: Free