The High Coast International Club Activity Calendar 2023-2024


We hear it over and over again from internationals living in the High Coast: How do I meet new friends, how can I discover the great places and things to do in the area? We have the answer: a new club that creates connection and community by having monthly meet ups and conversations, an opportunity to share and meet new contacts. Using social play and working with local associations, we’ll help our members find the best of the High Coast.


Ever tried ice fishing? Now you can! Come out on the ice with us for a fun day of learning, fun, burgers and fika!

Sign up here for free:

Bus: 402 from Örnparken (stops at Bodum fotbollsplan, 15 mins walk to the meeting point)

Parking can be found along the road to Dekarsön.

If you need a ride or can offer one, please fill out this short form so we can organise the car sharing.

Meeting point: see map.

Green: meeting point, service/food area

Black: fishing area

Pink: ski tracks

This is an ice fishing event, therefore we DO NOT offer ice skiing equipment, nor ice skiing classes. If you'd like to ski on the ice you're welcome to bring your own equipment, or contact Fritidsbanken Örnsköldsvik to borrow some for free.

Please read event description and FAQ on the Eventbrite page for any questions.If you still have doubts or questions, reach out at