Hey International Person, What Do YOU Think?

Help us make the High Coast more global and welcoming by telling us what you... yes you... think needs improvement.

International Workers

You're a highly skilled worker, coming to work for a company who typically does export business abroad. You might also be a foreigner who's lived many years here, speaks Swedish and works here.

International Youth

You're studying in Norrland, doing an internship or  working, under the age of 25.

New Immigrants

You're new to Sweden (0-3 years), still learning Swedish and probably not working full time. 

International Pensioners

You've come to Norrland to spend your sunset years, bought a house or maybe come here because of a Swedish partner.

International Entrepreneurs

(classic, remote & gig)

Entrepreneurs start businesses in the classic sense but they also can be working in the gig economy or working from the High Coast remotely for customers or services. 

International Swedes

You're a Swede who is in contact with international people (friends, colleagues, relatives), or has made an international experiece (like living abroad).