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The List

You can look up courses by name, city, and category. There is also an option for online courses, if you're looking to take one from the comfort of your own home.


Choose the region you're in and you can browse for courses, events and study groups, either in person or online.


Choose the region and discover what Medborgarskolan has to offer! Not only courses, but also qualifications, education, study groups.


Here you'll find courses that may give you qualifications, or courses pertaining to some sort of education path. If you express your interest for a course, the teacher or trainer will contact you.


Another website that offers courses that you can take either in person or online, looking for a qualification, or just for fun!

Höga Kusten Turism

Terrific site that covers HK tourist offerings like nobody's business. Nice interactivity, maps and other info to get everybody loving this magic area. Download their app to your phone. 

Jobba och Lev

A website for you to find out more about the job market in Örnsköldsvik, but also about meeting international people.

Örnsköldsvik Våga Fråga (Facebook Group)

After you join, ask anything you'd like to know about events happening in the area, help with something, information of any kind, and the kind members of Örnsköldsvik Våga Fråga will answer!

The municipality website is on a good trend to be more intuitive and useful. 



Din Tur:


You can also download the app! Look up Din Tur on Apple Store or Google Play Store.