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Inaugural High Coast International Recruit A Success

On May 5th, Övik saw almost 47 international advanced degree students come from all over Sweden—Umeå, Uppsala, Sundsvall, Gothenburg—to participate in a unique event. The High Coast International Recruit fair seeks to alleviate a major challenge facing companies: the very competitive landscape of talent recruitment. Our NGO identified that those skills can come from a great resource; internationals studying in Sweden in the international Master programmes from Umeå University and Sundsvall Mittuniversitetet and by bringing them to Övik, career relationships could be made.

So, teaming up with Sundsvall Mittuniversitetet, Umeå Universitet, Tillväxtavdelningen, Världsklass and our best companies (BAE Systems, Bosch Rexroth, Processum, Clavister, MOPSsys, Knightec and CoreIT), the event was staged in HouseBe in a high adrenaline, three hour event.

The outcome? An excellent success according to the companies who game it an 8.8 rating overall and reported that a number of interviews are being arranged. From the students perspective, after spending six years on acquiring this critical knowledge, they were exuberant. “This was an amazing opportunity; we met so many interesting companies and they seemed really interested in making a good connection. I’m really looking forward to the possibilities this fair brings,” states Matteusz of Umeå University.

The Hub Gets Endorsement And Media Attention

A recent series of articles discussed the problem of the Stora Torget and how its vacancy is a signal of inaction and lack of innovation. Our opinion has been that the Stora Torget is more than just a geographical part of the downtown: it’s a vital element that anchors not only the commercial aspects of the high street, but serves as a place of inspiration for the citizenry. That it’s the natural destination of information sharing and cultural delight.

These articles helped push the dialogue into the political sphere and now The Hub is gaining new collaborative partners as we steer towards to a Spring 2023 build date.

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Get Ready for Eat The World: The High Coast International Club Event For June

Our next club event is one of our most inclusive… and yummiest. We call it Eat The World which is a potluck affair where many of our different nationalities and cultures will bring a dish each for all to share. Kurdish, American, Irish, Thai, Swedish of course and many other dishes will be served at the Café UH upstairs venue. There’ll also be music and the chance to talk and make new friends. Sign up on our new Eventbrite page and announce the dish you’d like to bring. All are welcome!

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Upcoming Exhibit In Oskargallerian June 18th

In another development related to The Hub, the ARKNAT design team, comprised of six Umeå architecture students, will be explaining their work in a special exhibit. The exhibit describes the urban design process and how, projects like The Hub, create innovation and solutions for communities. It will also be an open house for all of Övik to come and see the design, read the ideas and participate in its creation.