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 Jobbsprånget and The High Coast International Hub Form Alliance to Drive Job Growth

A shoutout is due to Jobbsprånget, an amazing association we’ll be forming a collaboration with in the near future!  

Jobbsprånget is Sweden's largest internship program for newly arrived graduates. They are passionate about opening the door to the Swedish labour market and realising human potential, focusing on people’s that are not born in Europe. In five years, Jobbsprånget has gone from being a small pilot project to becoming a national springboard for integration. As of today, 2,200 foreign graduates have done internships via Jobbsprånget and 70% of the trainees get a job after four months of training. Check them out here.

The High Coast International Hub and Jobbsprånget will be collaborating on the job fairs in Örnsköldsvik, to maximise our effort in promoting an open-minded labour market and an easier way for skilled candidates to find support in their job search in Sweden. 

The High Coast International Day 2022 the Highlight of The Year

This year’s  High Coast International Day 2022 turned out to be even more successful than last year’s inaugural event, with up to 2,500 people despite the rainy weather. More than 20 different nationalities, 23 local associations and seven companies gathered in Stora Torget for a few hours of international music, dances, food and inspirational speeches. One could taste Sami coffee with a splash of reindeer fat while watching Oromo dances, or enjoy Chinese dumplings while listening to the amazing voices of the Ukrainian children’s choir from Mellansel. A true international day of celebration in honour of the beautiful diversity of Örnsköldsvik.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and helped make the day the success it was, and we’re already planning for next year’s event with new surprises.


The High Coast International Hub now on Linkedin

While we may not be on TikTok yet (never say never) we are now on Linkedin with our core message of Elevate Internationalism, Elevate All shining through. We’re just starting off but it’s a great place to see the international community of the High Coast describe how they’re making an impact and difference in business and culture.

Join us here.

"Find a friend" Pilot Project Launches in New Collaboration with Jobba&Lev

Jobba och Lev and HCIH are creating a pilot project to help newcomers in Örnsköldsvik that might want to meet someone from their own country or speaking their own language. The High Coast International Hub’s ambassadors are volunteers who will be there for anyone who might want to find a friend in Övik, to ask for advice or information about the life here, or just to meet up for fika and have a chat! 

Both on the High Coast International Hub and the Jobba&Lev websites there is going to be a page for the HCIH ambassadors, with a picture of them and a short description. Anyone who wishes to contact them will be able to send an email to info@highcoasthub.com so we’ll put them in contact with the person they wish to speak to, or directly to the ambassadors’ emails, if they choose to share them. The project will initially run for three months. It’s free, and if you choose to be part of it, there are no ties: you can opt out anytime. 

We’re still looking for ambassadors and “friends”. If you’re interested, write to info@highcoasthub.com

Let's Go Clubbing

A surprising percentage of new faces at our October event on Halloween at O'Learys, while the numbers rise on our Facebook group as well, counting more and more people from all over the world! After an amazing handicraft vernissage organised by Örnsköldsviks museum och konsthall and Hemslöjden in November where we learned about the beauty of traditional crafts and the importance of them being passed along for this part of our culture to being kept alive, stay tuned for the next winter themed events, featuring hockey, skiing, Sami culture and more!