High Coast International Day 2021



On Friday, September 17h, a multi-stakeholder, inter-disciplinary workshop took place in Örnsköldsvik with a central purpose. To explore questions and challenges to internationalism, to conduct that analysis using very different perspectives and expertise (private sector, public and civil society) and to formulate conclusions that could be both shared with interested and engaged stakeholders and actioned. This document serves as the first basis of those learnings and will be tracked to measure success in the solutions that are identified and prioritized by those workshop professionals.

These experts and professionals conducted that work with a methodology called the Double Diamond, led by expert scrum master Andreas Nordin, presently employed at Clavister AB and facilitated by Elin Sedin, a process manager at Clavister’s product management team. The approach—described below—is a highly innovative approach that the technology sector uses to create products and solutions that build our digital world. Using that technique to tackle a social problem is a highly disruptive idea yet—judging from the results and follow-up surveys—was extremely efficient in both time and the quality of the suggestions.